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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Your Code for Beta Testing is GlassSmart618

I have worked out a deal with Nanovations USA to provide a free sample of their product NG1010 for all of my Glass Smart Beta Testers.  You must use the beta testing code which is GlassSmart618 when calling in.  The sample is free but you will have to pay for shipping.

Nanovations glass coating technology is based on colloidal sol gel materials, were special formulated solutions self-assemble into a monolayer surface structure. The use of wet chemical technology makes it possible to use simple low tech, application methods  like spray and wipe , spray atomizing  or dip coating.
After the curing, which is the evaporation of the carrier liquid, the material bonds to the surface and the coating will self-assemble into the formulated and ultra-thin coating layer. The final coating layer thickness is in the Nano scale, and completely invisible. Functions can be added. Within the limitation of the overall thickness, it is also possible to add scratch resistance and dust reducing properties.
This structure gives the glass an extremely durable hydrophobic effect.

The completely invisible treatment cannot be removed by water, cleaning agent or with high pressure equipment. It is an extremely thin coating requiring the very least consumption rate. Coverage rates of 400 square meter per liter (14,000 square foot per gallon) are possible. NG 1010 for example, is the most cost effective and fastest to apply glass coating solution available.

NG 1010 was applied on the first high rise building in the world where such advanced technology has been used to treat the glass of the complete building.
On this landmark building, right on Sydney harbour,  more than 6000 square meter (54,000 square foot) of glass has been fully restored and protected.

I will be writing more posts about this product.  It is one of my Flagship products.  It can be used on buildings, vehicles, shower glass doors and enclosures, mirrors, and more.  The surface must first be cleaned of all contaminants such that it actually sheets water.  Then once NG1010 is applied it becomes highly hydrophobic.  It is very effective at resisting stains and scratches.  My suggestion is to charge at least four dollars per square foot for application.

Search Automotive Technologies, LLC
Nanovations USA
7950 Central Industrial Drive, Suite 100
Riviera Beach, FL  33404

Phone: 561.630.0747 
Fax:  561.630.8448
Cell:  561.707.6456

Description: SATglobelogo small

There will be many more Flagship Products.  These will be published on this blog.  If you want to become a Glass Smart Beta Tester all you have to do is call in or email using the code GlassSmart618.  There will also be other products that I will be writing about in the Glass Smart Insider ELetter.  The samples for these will be made available on a very selective basis.  For these I will need your full names, business names, full shipping addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers.

Written by Henry Grover Jr.

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