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Our Water Guru / Click the Kitty for All of Jack Sedores' Videos
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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Dramatically Increase Your Profits with the Glass Smart Mirror

We use mirrors to show up any imperfections in our appearance.  So the Glass Smart Mirror is a newsletter the purpose of which is to show the truth about certain chemical and superabrasive products.  These are not products that I have created, but rather products that are already on the market.  Many of them are NOT being sold by the WCR, JRC, or any other window cleaning equipment supplier.  Their names and suppliers are listed in the Mirror.  I have created and performed the specific tests for analyzing these products.  All of the results will be listed.

The Mirror is a monthly online publication/newsletter sent as an attachment by email and billed by email also using PayPal.  The first issue is April 2018.  It is all about "Testing Glass Sealants for Scratch Resistance".  There are three products I have tested.  Nanvations NG1010, EnduroShield, and Rain X.  The tests involve "activating" the glass surface so it is most susceptible to scratching.  This gets into one of the actual reasons why certain glass surfaces will scratch and which will not.  I also look at some different common materials to show which are most likely to cause scratches.  Vandals use all of these.

I have tried creating and selling custom products.  Also I have tried making the ingredients for these products available for beta testing.  But neither of these two efforts produced.  So I am now returning once again to writing a newsletter.  But.  I have also just begun working with manufacturers in the capacity of a consultant.  The purpose is to help them improve the products they already have, and to help them create new products.  Either way we will have more tools to do our jobs more efficiently and safely. 

Again the April Newsletter will be available by the 8th of April at a cost of fifteen dollars.  Just send me your email address and I will send you the newsletter and the bill.  Please indicate if you would like me to send out the newsletter on the eighth of each month.

Written by Henry Grover Jr.

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