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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

WindOCoat Protection against Scratches

Imagine a product that can be applied to windows BEFORE the construction begins.  The glass is first cleaned, then the liquid product is brushed, rolled, or sprayed on.  In a short time it dries to a film.  Now concrete, silicone caulk, stucco, paint, stain, etc. can get on the window.  When it comes time to clean the window all you simply do is peal off the film in one sheet taking with it all construction debris.  The window is now totally clean.  No need to reclean it because it is clean.  Well this product already exists.  And it is called WindOCoat.

Image result for windocoat                                    Image result for windocoat

If you are interested in trying out a sample just use this contact information below and always use the code GlassSmart618 to get a free sample.  Although there will be a small charge for shipping.

General Chemical
12336 Emerson Drive
Brighton, MI 48116
Code for Free Samples GlassSmart618

Once you have tested this Flagship Product I just ask that you write about it on every social media platform for the window cleaning industry and draw attention to my blog where there will be more useful info published on a regular basis about this product and many others.  Along with a great deal of information regarding Glass Surface Maintenance And Restoration Technology.

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Written by Henry Grover Jr.