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Monday, December 25, 2023

Introducing Glass Smart Products

 Glass Smart Products is going to focus exclusively on Super Abrasive Powders.

I have had several decades to think about where I want to go with all of the research that I have put into glass Surface Maintenance And Restoration Technology.  Have tried about seven newsletters, consulting work, and even product development.  All of these adventures have worked somewhat.  But none have done well enough to hold my interest long enough to work out.  So I have decided to develop an ultra-niche line of products that will be very easy to create and distribute through our industry even on an international level.  Abrasive powders, compounds, and various other abrasive based products will be very easy to package for resale.  The profit margin will allow for the use of a distributor so I do not have to take on this problem myself.  Which will afford me the time to spend at my research and writing.  That will be published here.  My own custom made YouTube videos will continue to be implanted in these posts.  In this way I can consult directly with our entire industry.  The communications technology we have today is so advanced that I can even work with various companies through phones, tablets, and computers.  So there really is no limits.  As Marc Tanner would say the sky is the limit.  Because really it is.

Henry Grover Jr.

I have another Blog that is focused only on the products I develop.  Not the technology.  That address is


Friday, July 1, 2022

Our MOST Valuable Assets !!!

I have been pretty much offline over the last year.  But you know I have over seven hundred people that read this blog;... on occasion.  Although I tend to get stuck in the muck of tech stuff way too ez.  If you have tech questions just send them to my email  But this post is about something totally different. Please read on.

I have about 100 customers on my storefront route.  These are stores priced from 10 bux up to 150 bux.  They are mostly responsible for the 500 to 1000 dollar residentials that I get on the side that make up about 20 percent of my annual income.  Now these "people" are my most valuable assetts.  They advertise for me.  Stores are your best publicity.  Much better than any advertisement in a newspaper!  But even more than that.  They give you the incentive to get up in the morning and go out.  Even in bad weather.  Your store route is a friend route.  These are not just customers.  You love these people.  When you are in the hospital they will call, text, and email you.  You see them on the street and call them by first name.  Or razz them in public.  No matter how much money they have or don't have.  These are the people you kick back with in their favorite chair and share stories with.  I had a brand new resi customer the other day call me in to his summer house.  A small 1,000 dollar job.  He had a huge boat.  Gobs of money.  But he was about 84.  Had cancer but beat it.  Could barely walk.  Hearing aids, etc.  He said;... take me out with you cleaning.  You know I am going to give him a call soon and take him downtown for a coffee or a beer and spend some time with him.  Just because I want to.  I am only 64 now.  But I have learned over the last 42 years being in business that what you put out comes right back to you a hundredfold.  Because you do it WITHOUT MOTIVE.  The true benefit that you recieve is in the love you show and that which is recieved.  That is what makes life worth living.

Henry Grover Jr.

Friday, June 10, 2022

Products for Storefront Customers

 I have about 100 customers on my route.  They are all individually owned businesses.  No corporate chain/franchises.  For many years I have been working on products for Window Cleaners.  Like different cleaners, solvents, stain removers, glass sealants, etc.  But recently I have been thinking about developing specific products for our customers.  That they could use when we are not there.  Products that would even make our job easier.  Also products that would only be available through the window cleaner.  The only way they could acquire such products would be through the window cleaner.  So they would give us the edge at getting the contract, and in setting a price that we need to get.  

What type of products do you think would be most attractive to our customers?  The very first one should be a spray on window cleaner.  One that uses a plant based surfactant and a disinfectant  that kills bacteria and viruses on contact.  But does NOT smell.  And dries crystal clear. I would encourage using bamboo paper towels.  These last way longer than ordinary paper towels.  And are based on the fastest growing tree in the world.

Another product I am looking to develop is a decorative paint for advertising on glass.  Based again on natural biodegradable ingredients it would hang on so we could soap and squeegee the window, but would peel off dry when the time came.  It would not leave any residue.  I have had some success with this product.  Check out this video I did.

Before you get too excited however my experiments were not completely successful.  This test was done outside and within one hour.  I tried another test inside and left the Peal Paint on for a month before attempting to remove it.  I was NOT able to remove it so easy.  In fact it was VERY difficult to get off.  Soap and water with a lot of really hard scraping.  But the first test shown here gives me much hope.  And I am very excited about the potential.

These are only two of many niche products that could be developed for our storefront accounts.  As Window Cleaners we need to be Glass Smart.  Then we can help our customers in ways that no one else can.

Written by Henry Grover Jr.


Saturday, February 26, 2022

Hidden Etched Glass Could Destroy Your Company

Glass can be etched in different ways by different chemicals.  Probably the most common is HF.  This can ripple out or orange peal glass surfaces.  It will magnify any kind of glass scratch, light or heavy.  It can also create a white haze that will not come off with soapy water and a squeegee.  This haze can be opague or barely visible.  All of these effects can be covered by simple dirt and revealed by window cleaning.  That puts all of us at risk!

We need to first be able to identify these different types of etch.  But not just the owners of window cleaning companies.  But all employees too.  Simply because they are in the field doing the work.  They will have control over the work.  They will be in a position to call off the job until the problem is resolved.  Before it becomes a lawsuit.

I have always found over the last 42 years cleaning windows that when I bring something to my customers attention first it gives me the advantage.  But it always helps when I can speak with a certain degree of knowledge and exerience.

Etched glass is not the only damage that can be reveled.  There are many types of damage.  If you happen to be dealing with such a situation please give me a call or send a text and we can talk about it.  I am here to help.  Please take a look at my website.  Check out the Gallery.

Written by Henry Grover Jr.


Saturday, February 19, 2022

You Are All Consultants

No one wants to hear anything negative.  So I never tell a homeowner in advance that I will report any scratches, abrasion marks, stains, etched surfaces, failed insulating units, negative deflection, etc.  Neither will I report that to the general contractor or anyone else that I work for.  At the beginning of the job;... however.  If I am working on any window that is scratched then I have to bring that to the owners attention.  Because if I don't, they might hold me accountable.  At the end of the job or maybe a week or a month later.  The same is true for cracked glass, etched glass, hard water spots, or even failed insulating units.  People just don't know about this stuff.  They don't even know if they have an exposed low e coating.  Not to mention degassed argon and the implosion dangers of negative deflection!  So many things are just way beyond them.  These are things that are also way beyond most employees of window cleaning companies.  But your employees need this knowledge.  It is critical for your protection.  It is also a fantastic way to maintain ownership of your accounts.  When your customers witness this kind of knowledge they gain an enhanced appreciation of your company.  And will never call someone else in even if they charge less.

These things are infact the very basis of the Glass Smart window cleaner.  Do you want to have a Glass Smart company?  Do you want to be Glass Smart yourself.  This is actually the reason why I started this blog so many years ago.  This is the reason why I started developing special niche products for non-routine window cleaning.

The next Poor Peoples Pub Meet is coming up this Thursday, February 24th at 3pm.  We did not have a Meet in January because I was sick and didn't think anyone would be ok with that.  But as I write this I am feeling good.  Thursday looks like a good day for travel.  We will likely meet in the side room as usual unless we only have a few show up.

Since this Glass Smart technology is based on very special niche products I would like to show you one right here right now in a video that I made about a couple years ago.  Just remember the paint that I used for this experiment was so hard I couldn't even scrape it off with a single edge steel razor blade.  This is what I am talking about!  This is why we need to continue to have these Pub Meets.  This is about two minutes long.  

Written by Henry Grover Jr.


Saturday, February 12, 2022

Eyes Wide Open;..."Seeing" the Scratch

Can you just imaging the POWER you would have if someone were to blame you for scratching a million bux in scratched glass but you could provide the evidence that this was an absolute lie!  This post is going to prove to you that you will have that power.  Lets look at the animal!

This is a scratch from a dime.  It looks like a fat worm with about a hundred lit up body sections.  This is a typical characteristic of metal scratches as you can see further down.  They represent jumps or skips.

These scraches are all created by a 220 SiC coated piece of black 3M emery paper.  If I had made a circle the scratches would have been circular.  What IS significant about these scratches is if you use the same magnification you can determine roughly the rating of the coated paper.  This one was a 3M 220.

I created this interesting scratch using a small piece of broken bottle glass.  It is more of an abrasion band than a series of very fne scratches.  But it is very characteristic of a scratch from a broken piece of glass.  Very typical of the kind of scratches that people create on storefront glass with broken bottles.

This is George Washingtons eye from a dollar bill turned sideways.  At the same mag that I have taken the other micrographs here.  I have included it because it gives you a better idea of size.

This is the 220 3M emry coated that I used to create the perfectly parallel scratches above.  The bright reflective area is the glue holding the silicon carbide (SiC) particles together.  The particles are the black area.  These pictures are significant because they help us in finding the best paper for grinding glass which preps it for using cerium oxide slurry.

This scratch is VERY interesting.  It is a metal scratch.  I made it using a cheap pair of steel scissors.  You can see the segmentations of the previous metal scratch made with a dime.  But these are so much more defined.  They are perfectly circular and tend to be a similar distance apart in different places.  It makes me want to talk with some of the hair dressors on my route that buy 300 dollar scissors.  My guess is that metal has a greater "slip factor" which changes the look of the scratch.

This is a magnified image of the scratches made with the 220 Coated Paper.  You can see how parralel they are next to one another.  But I have included one of my own hairs which appears yellow here.  I have both yellow and grey.  The strand of hair shows how thick the 220 SiC scratches are.

There is so much that can be learned from these scratches simply because we know exactly what caused them.  This is what lets us identify the cause of any hidden scratches that we might reveal when we clean the windows.  I will continue to make scratches and send you pictures.  There are other types of damaged glass too.  Such as what happens when a scratch makes contact with different solutions of acids.  Like sulfuric, hydrofluoric, and others.  That will be a lesson in itself! 

This a picture of my little microscope that cost obout fifty bux.  You will need to get something similar so you can begin compiling your own micrographs on your phone.

Written by Henry Grover Jr.


Friday, February 11, 2022

Revealing Hidden Scratch Patterns

The scratches shown here in this post were taken with my TAKMLY at about 50X magnification.  This is a handheld microscope that connects by WiFi to my IPhone through the Max-See_d4fO app.  The scratch patterns were from actual damage done in the field.  The first thing you will notice is the difference between these pictures. Many things can be learned from the details.  Which cannot be learned without a microscope.  Such details are very valuable in determining the innocence of the window cleaning company.  But only when compared to scratches with a known history.  It is for this reseason that I have included the beginning of a compilatation of such "known" scatches.  Meaning scratches caused by different sized particles, aluminum ladders, diamond rings, broken glass, rocks, greeny pads, etc.

If you look further down in this blog you will see how I have been able to make glass frictive or scratch sensitive.  This process creates the same exact surface for generating all of the different types of scratches and more.  A work like this has NEVER been undertaken.  It is my hope that it will help to reveal what has been hidden for so long.  And serve as a very practical tool even in court.  I don't know howe many times I have recieved reports from window cleaners that were being sued over scratched glass issues.  It is about time we stopped guessing about this and actually took a real good look at the animal!  Well here is the animal people.  Take a look.

This first picture appears to be of a wide scratch which is more of an abrasion than even a series of scratches all bunched together.

This is a very different type of scratch that is rather deep.  Also whatever caused this scratch ended up removing slices of glass.  Also for some reason it looks more "fluid".  Maybe the reason for the difference betweenthis scratch and the one below it is speed.  I am sure the tests I do will reveal at least some of the reasons.

The slices removed here were more like "chunks".  Which were rather curvy.  You can see a much smaller scratch right above the deep one.  It appears very similar however.  My guess would be whatever caused the first also caused the second.  Just with a much lighter pressure.

Here you can see many smaller scratches, most running parrallel.  So it appears to be am abrasion.  Since there are many other scratches that don't follow the same pattern they were likely formed by a different means.

These scratches were likely formed by the same means.  They also have a slight curve.  So I am thinking they were formed by hand.

These scratches were rather straight.  Going in different directions.  Also of different thicknesses.  So I am thinking they were formed by several different means.  This is what the pattern shows.  My guess is that none of the above scratches were formed with the aided of a razor and what I have called the ghost particle.  Simply because the pattern of scratches would be parrallel and all be about the same thickness.  If you think about it almost every time defective surfaces have the same sound when a razor is lightly passed over the window.

I have absolutely no clue exactly how these scratches were formed and by what means.  But I will be creating scratches by different means and then taking micrographs of such scratches.  But we can still learn certain things from these pictures.  As I have described above.

Written by Henry Grover Jr.


Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Every Job is a Potential Lawsuit!

Dirt can and does cover over anything.  Scratches, stains, paint, concrete sealant, etched glass, and so much more.  Every dirty window potentially hides any of these problems.  The greatest concern are scratches, etched surfaces, and other blemishes.  These do not come off easily.  And we can easily be blamed for them.  Even by old trusted customers.  To explain.  Lets say we just finish a job.  It looks perfect.  We get paid.  Some one else comes in afterward to work on the house.  They get something on the glass and must remove it.  In doing this they scratch the glass.  Which scratches are covered by dirt.  Next year we come back to clean the windows again.  We do NOT use a razor.  But the scratches are revealed.  We are blamed.  Our trusted customer says it was our rubber that left the scratches.  The burden is on us to prove that we did not scratch the windows.  So we might have taken the razor blade away from all of our employees.  But that is still not the ultimate answer to the scratched glass problem.

Another situation can happen when another window cleaner ends up scratching some windows.  But does not tell the owner.  The windows get really dirty.  We are called in.  No razors are used.  We clean the windows and reveal the scratches.  Lawsuit time.

How about this one.  Cumberland Farms are going up all over.  Construction is doing very well as of late.  But they don't clean their windows.  Straight from the factory windows can be scratched, etched, or otherwise damaged in many different ways.  But such will never be revealed until the windows are professionally cleaned by a trained eye.  After one year however the warranty will have expired.  And Cumberland Farms and any other company will own the damage.

There are techniques for protecting against potential lawsuits and protecting windows from the loss of warrantees. This is one of the focuses of Glass Smart Consulting.  Which I would like to work with my window cleaning customers on.  Just give me a call at 603-498-9474 and leave a text with your phone number and a time you would like to talk.

Written by Henry Grover Jr.


Wednesday, December 15, 2021

The Difference in Hard Water Stains

I could literally write a small book on this topic!  Simply put there is a tremendous difference in the chemical makeup of hard water stains.  However, as I am going to demonstrate, it is the difference in the surface they are on that determines mostly the reason why some are much more difficult to remove, while others might look worse but are much easier to remove.

Most HW stains are based on a blend of different silicates and silica.  Which are based on elements like silicon, oxygen, iron, copper, aluminum, and some of the other earth metals including calcium and sodium.  Silica is just based on silicon and oxygen.  Which takes on different configurations but is still silicate.  So essentially different chemistries that are very similar to glass itself.  This is the basic reason why most HW stains are so difficult to remove from glass.  Especially dark tinted glass like brown or blue.

When HW stains are based on silicates and silica the only acids that will dissolve them are the same acids that dissolve/react with glass.  If you attempt to remove silicon based stains with an acid like acetic or HCL you will not have much success if any.  The only way the glass can be restored is through either a one step polishing process, or a double or even a triple grinding and polishing process.  The grinding process can be done dry or wet, and produces an even milky opaque surface.  Which can be brought back to full transparency with a cerium oxide slurry or compound. This is a technique that must be learned.  The same process is used for removing scratches.  Silicon carbide is used for the grinding process.

As Marc Tanner says down in gatorland every window is different.  This is simply because every stain has a different fingerprint.  It is both chemically and physically different.  And because of this the stain itself can and usually does break up during the grinding and even the polishing stages.  When it breaks up those particles as much as 100 microns each and greater will create what Marc calls the spirograph effect.  Which can also be caused by incorrectly mixing the polishing slurry.  Cerium particles have the tendency to agglomerate if the cerium is put into the container first before the water and then mixed.

The grinding and polishing techniques both need to be finely tuned.  Also the ability to accurately observe the quality of the "new" surface that is being created is equally important.

I feel it is most necessary to bring up the point that the physical and chemical properties of the surface worked on will determine the greater difference in how easy it will be to remove the stain.  Whatever the properties or chemical identity of that stain happens to be.  I learned this fact from one of my consulting jobs in Chelmsford Mass.  The building had all of the lower level windows covered with hard water stains from the sprinkler system.  It also had two types of window surfaces.  Both dark glass the color brown.  Also a metallic low e coating that was slightly reflective but plainly of a different chemistry and was more smooth.  But the stain was the same exact chemistry for every window because the water source was exactly the same for every sprinkler head.  The dark glass was a total bear to clear with a one step cerium method.  But the low e windows were exceptionally easy to clear even by hand.  No machine needed!

This is a GSP Silica Compound
Glass Smart Products

Application of the Silica Compound on a Random Oscillator 

Creating a Frictive Surface for Testing Products for Scratching

Frictive surfaces will always hold onto stains with an incredible tenacity.  Whether such surfaces were converted with an acid such as HF, sulfuric, or an ammonium bifluoride.  Or whether they were converted with a polishing compound such as cerium oxide.  Both of these are commonly used to remove stains.  Every time they are used the surface is converted to a frictive surface.  You can actually feel this with a dry fingertip.  But you might not know if someone was there before you to remove the stain.  So you might have an easy time removing the stain from most of the windows on the building, but then come to the last floor which is next to impossible to clear. It might be so difficult that the same exact one step polishing method you were using is now absolutely impossible.  Making it necessary to also use a silicon grinding method as a precursor to polishing with a cerium.

I am a firm believer in wet compounds based on high quality super-abrasives.  Whether these are based on cerium oxide, silica, silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, polymers, diamond, or even hybrid blends.  They can be converted to slurries right on the window and applied with a syringe.

Written by Henry Grover Jr.



Wednesday, December 8, 2021

A Very Big Apology

 I just wanted to say I am VERY sorry for not understanding the comments section of Blogspot. I have been so intent on writing this blog and doing all the research for the last eight years that I didn't even know I had literally hundreds of comments from people all over the world.  So I will be taking the time to slowly and methodically contact everyone over the next couple of months or however much time it will take.

Please keep on using the comments feature and talk to me.  I will get back to you since I am on this computer every night.

Henry Grover Jr.

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Glass Smart Product Line


Plastic Abrasive Powders; These are a brand new line of abrasive products for window cleaners.  The very first one I have developed is based on a superabrasive.  They can have much larger particles however.  Different shapes and different hardnesses.  Along with different densities.

Mineral Abrasive Powders;  These are based on the particle chemistries of cerium oxide, aluminum oxide, silica, silicon carbide, boron nitride, diamond, etc.  The same properties control how they perform.  The major difference being the various hardnesses.  They are all at or above the hardness of glass.  Although there are other differences.  The same product can even have differences.  Look at these three different cerium oxide powders below.  The different colors are directly related to the difference in the impurities.  The most pure is the white product.  This one will have the highest quality.  But it will also have the largest price tag.



Custom Organic Solvents; Unique carbon based liquid solvents to add to some of the different abrasives for working on defective and coated window surfaces.

Structured Plastic Abrasive sponges; The microstructure of the plastics being the abrasive.  Not embedded particles.  Such that the sponge is the product.  Check out this fascinating video that shows how the Magic Eraser is made and how it works.

Abrasive Clothes; Soft wiping clothes that are embedded with superabrasive abrasive powders.  

Polishing Pads; Based on natural and synthetic woven and non-woven materials for use with different slurries, compounds, and powders.

Hydrophylic & Hydrophobic Sealants; It is not just which product or chemistry lasts the longest and resists stains the best.  There is also matters such as how easy is it to get in the Country where the window cleaner lives, how expensive it is, how quick and easy can it be applied, and several other concerns. 

If you would like to know about this line of products as It is developed please send me your email address and I will include you as a member of IGSA and send you regular mails.

Written by Henry Grover Jr.

Monday, November 1, 2021

The Trident Waiver; Scratched Glass

 It doesn't matter whether you caused it or not.  At some time in the near future you will have to deal with it.  The scratches could be from another window cleaner who was there before you and were covered over by mineral deposits, or something else.  You simply revealed them by cleaning the window.  And there might be no way at all that you will be able to convince even a very loyal customer that you did NOT cause them!  Even if you ONLY used a wetting wand and a squeegee!  You might still be sued for way too much and end up losing your business.  

It is also VERY possible that the scratches were inadvertently caused by a defective surface.  Razors, plastic scrapers, 0000 steel wool, bronze wool, even soft terry cloths can cause damage this way.  Any of your employees can do this.  In this day when non-routine window cleaning is more the norm than routine work, every one of us MUST be smart about things.  Especially scratched glass.  And so the bottom line here is we absolutely need to deal with this problem before, during, and at the end of every job we take on.  By using the Trident Waiver.

The TW is necessary for every job including and especially non-routine work.  It is a three part waiver.  Part one gives you the right to perform a test cleaning of the first plate.  Signed and dated before you even touch the first window.  If the test is approved it should be signed and dated giving you the right to do the first half of the job including payment for the first half.  However if payment is made promptly at the end of the first half this should be stated in the first waiver.  Also a second waiver should be signed and dated at the end of the first half establishing that the first half of the job was performed to the satisfaction of the building owner, and payment was received for the first half.  Next the rest of the job should be completed.  Once the job has been fully completed a third waiver should be signed and dated establishing that the entire job has now been completed and final payment for the second half is due at that time or within the next month.

This is the bare bones outline of what I call a Trident Waiver.  It is in fact quite virtuous because it is a protection for your company on which both you and your employees rely for their livelihood.  It also protects your customer from the anguish of most legal battles that cause everyone anxiety.  So it is very powerful and wise.  Anyone can take this outline to a lawyer and have that person draw up a more detailed and more legally binding three part waiver.

Remember if we fail to plan we plan to fail.

Written by Henry Grover Jr.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Worldwide Response to this Blog

 I just wanted to write a quick paragraph to everyone out there in the world.  I have been receiving many very positive comments from people all over the world.  This has been very encouraging.  But it has made me wonder exactly where I should go from here.  My goal has always been to become a research writer within my own industry.  But have never been able to find a way to monetize this so I would be justified in the time that it would take.  I do have many more things to share with everyone in the world of non-routine window cleaning especially.  But it would take much time and money to purchase and test the ingredients and products even before I put all of this down in writing.  If anyone would like to send me a personal email with some helpful suggestions I would be very grateful.

You might take a look at my website  I am prepared to work with anyone anyplace in the world on specific buildings using technology.  So if anyone would like to explore this idea with me I am willing to have a go at that.  Have done this before with good success.

Written by Henry Grover Jr.

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Glass Smart Consulting


I have been actively working in consulting for at least 25 years.  I have traveled to NYC and consulted on buildings such as the World Trade Center, the Grande Hyatt, and the Met Art building.  The last two of these buildings are shown on my website under the Gallery.  I have consulted on several other famous builings and many others not so famous over the years.  I have traveled to different parts of the States and Canada to consult with many different window cleaning companies, real estate professionals, property maintenance companies, lawyers, and insurance agencies.  Some very enjoyable times were a couple of seminars I gave for the International Window Cleaning Association, writing tech articles for the American Window Cleaner, and being involved in the process of product development with Unger Enterprises.  During which time I got to know Henry Unger and his family.  Now that I have reached my sixties it is time to focus more on my consulting business and do some more traveling around New England.  Although Internet Technology or IT has developed to the point where I should be able to consult around the world.  I am really looking forward to this.

Not to be ignored is the phase of this consulting business which is focused on product development.  These are products that very few window cleaning companies have or even know about.  They are simply NOT commercially available from our distributors!  But they are incredibly effective.  Check out this video I made to prove my point.  When the glass that is being worked on has a very thick coat of paint and is scratch sensitive.  Also the paint is so tough even a sharp razor has a difficult time removing it.  What do you do?

Please take a look at my website and send me an email to tell me what you think.

Written by Henry Grover Jr.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Glass Smart Window Cleaning

We all know that the days of the bucket, mop, and pole are gone.  Even when we are doing trad work we cannot avoid problem surfaces!  Bad glass, frictive glass, coated (reflective, low e, antireflective) glass, solar (mylar) film, acrylic, polycarbonate, and the list goes on.  When any of these different surfaces become contaminated with paint, wood stain, urethane, silicone caulk, concrete, stucco, concrete sealer, hard water spots, etc.; we enter into what has been called non-routine window cleaning.  This can present whether or not we are engaged in trad work, WFP work, or specialized restoration or preservation work.  There really is no limits on how risky our line of work has now become.  Coupled with the fact that we have a host of different manufacturers of products that will etch, scratch, and otherwise do irreversible damage to these different surfaces.

In the old days glass was glass and nothing more.  But not any more.  We now have an entirely new business.  Next gen window cleaning is what I call it.  It demands that we be Glass Smart!  We can't go back to the old ways.  It is so easy to open a can of words every time we simply clean a window.  Either routine or non-routine window cleaning can be a huge risk.  Simply because the process of cleaning usually "reveals" damage.  This is prior damage from scratching, etching, or staining.  We encounter this almost every day!  When you clean a window only to reveal screen stain, hard water spots, paint spots, silicone caulk, concrete sealant runoff, or scratches.  Sometimes the scratches are so fine they cannot be seen in the direct sunlight.  You of course are working on a cloudy day.  So when the sun comes out the next day all of the scratches become very visible.  They might even look like streaks.

There is much learning to be addressed here.  I encourage you to give me a call.  And take a look at my brand new website.  I am very sure you will find the information, pictures, and videos fascinating and useful.

Written by Henry Grover Jr.