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Saturday, April 14, 2018

My AWC, WCM, and EClean Articles;...Help Make Them Interactive!

I started writing for the AWC, WCM, and the EClean about a year ago.  All of the articles that are being published in all of these magazines are of the highest quality.  They are just totally fantastic!  The writers are very good.  So I am very honored to have been invited to write for all three of these mags.  The article I have just written for the AWC recently is on Glass Coatings.  It is yet to be published.  At least at the time of this writing.  Reader beware.  This is going to be a very in depth three part series that will leave you with your mouth hanging open.  I will not hold anything back!  For example.  Check out this picture.  It shows a first surface reflective pyrolytic coating that was likely destroyed by hydrofluoric acid.  The actual visible damage might not have been done initially.  Then later it became the burden of an unwitting window cleaner.  These land mines are all over the world!  Want to know more?

Further I am going to change the style of my writing somewhat.  In a way that I think should be very interesting to everyone.  I want to invite all of you in.  Tell me stories.  Good and bad.  I want to know your experiences.  I want to know what you think.  So I will be telling everyone ahead of time about what my articles will be about so you can contribute.  I will let you know through this blog, which is referenced on Robinsons Solutions blog.  Also the WCR Forum.  And the Glass Smart Facebook Group.  Please, please, please send me pictures.  The owners of these magazines love pictures.  If any are used we can give each an attribution.  I can also post your pictures on the Glass Smart Product Review blog, and the Glass Smart Facebook Group.  So come join the noise.

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