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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Explosive Profits With Nanovations NG1010

Nanovations Pty Ltd is a manufacturer of innovative product solutions.  It was founded by a group of  entrepreneurs in early 2000 and became one of the pioneers in commercializing Nanotechnology and advanced products in Australia. They claim they were the first company in Australia manufacturing and implementing Nano-scale glass coating technology. The first large scale building applications were done in 2004.  Again it is claimed that these coatings still work well and have never required a reapplication for the last ten years.

In 2006, the research in ultrathin coatings and the manufacturing of such was combined under the new brand Nanovations. The first high rise building in the world was coated shortly after, in Sydney, Australia.
In 2012 Nanovations introduced the next generation of automotive windscreen treatment which offers advantages over competing products, with better performance and functionality on today’s markets.  This product is formulated with an inorganic sol-gel technology.  They are currently exporting more than 95% of their products to more than 40 countries.
Again Nanovations Pty Ltd claims they are the only manufacturer of inorganic Nano scale glass coating technology in Australia. Nanovations has expanded into the USA through Nanovations USA located in Florida.  The contact information for this company is listed at the bottom of this post.  Click on this next vimeo link for the very latest video of Marc Tanner applying the NG1010 to a window.

Consider this interesting piece of information.  The  SOCAR TOWER in Baku, Azerbaijan (check out the picture below)  was designed by the world leader in design, production, and installation of architectural envelopes and curtain walls, the Permasteelisa Group. Here is the link to their company. 

Further, Nanovations NG 1010 was chosen after extensive evaluation by glass laboratories in Europe, which indicated superior performance of this technology.  When you’re spending 200 plus million on a structure with a glass façade, properly treating the glass surface is vital.  None of us would deny that!  Incidentally, the Permasteelisa Group was the engineering firm responsible for the curtain wall of the new APPLE Campus in California.  Both the SOCAR Tower and the Apple Campus would be of interest to all window cleaning companies.
When looking at the Nanovations coating technology the engineers likely were looking at ease of application, cost, stain resistance, coverage rates, scratch resistance, coating hardness, abrasion resistance, UV resistance (longevity), nanoscale thickness, and how easy it is to clean/maintain.   But.  You be the judge.  Just call them up and ask for a sample.  Then apply it to one of your accounts.  Show your customer what it will do.  I will be developing a line of very short videos demonstrating products like this.  These videos will come in handy when you want to pull out your phone and show a potential customer real fast what your company can offer.  They will help you make sales and dramatically increase your profit.  The Nanovations coatings such as their NG 1010 can explode your profits.  If you just simply get involved! Be a beta tester and tell other people through the social media we have available.  The WCR Forum and all the Facebook Groups.

Socar Tower
Image result for new apple campus

                                                        Apple Campus

                             Apple Campus

Image result for new apple campus

Apple Campus

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Written by Henry Grover Jr.

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Blogger said...

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Someone who knows said...

Nanovations NG1010 is a terrible product that costs about .05 cents a square foot but isn't worth a penny.I have experience with it and have applied it to auto windshields, shower doors and windows. I have found that it lasts no more than three months on a car windshield, has hardly any effect on a shower door and has no benefit for windows. Don't take my word for it try a sample before you make an investment or, just use some common sense. There are many reasons why an architect might use a product on a building and not always because that product is beneficial. Nanovations touts that it was used on the Socar Tower and a microsoft building, that was years ago why so few notable applications worldwide? This product has been on the market for years and has gotten very little traction because it's not very good. There are much better products on the market. Don't be fooled