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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Making Gobs of Money with a Water Fed Pole !!!

The easiest way to do this is to find a way to increase your speed.  It really is all about speed.  Pole up.  Pole down.  Job done.  A repeat commercial or residential exterior only route is the way to go.  WFP speed is dependent on how fast you can get on and off each and every window.  This is dependent in part on whether the glass is hydrophobic or hydrophylic.  Does it bead water or film over such that the rinse actually slowly drains off.  No drops means no spots.  Hydrophobic glass leaves spots.  Which are sometimes silica spots.  Over time they build up until they can just barely be seen in the direct sun.  But what also happens is the glass will become more and more hydrophobic.  The really big question, that window cleaners have been desperately trying to answer, is how do we get the hydrophylic effect;...every time?  Because if this were possible it would dramatically increase the speed and the profit margin.  Now it is true that having the right DI/RO system will remove most of the dissolved solids.  But not necessarily the silicas.  But this still takes more time than just a single scrub/rinse/walk.  Remember speed.  The cost of the equipment is really not that much when you consider how much money you can make with it.  But imagine if you could somehow actually change how your water reacted with the glass.  If it sheeted over instead of beaded up.  Without a DI/RO system.  Or even with such a system!  Is there some way that we could add a device to a filtration system that would diminish the cohesive force of water such that the surface tension of the water would be reduced enough to attain the hydrophylic effect?  Now this can be done with superwetting synthetic detergents.  I have done it.  I can even sheet a window that has been treated with Rain X.  You can't get any more hydrophobic than that.  Also it doesn't take much of the superwetter to do it.  Probably only five or ten percent of the Dawn that you would put in your bucket.  But what if, yes what if you could accomplish the same thing WITHOUT any chemicals?  That is what one company claims they have done.  Is this actually possible?  Is it possible to break the hydrogen bonds of water molecules without chemicals?  Or is this just a total farce?  Is it a lie?  When I first heard about this I was very skeptical.  Then I began thinking.  Well I know that Jehovah my God has already done this on this beautiful Earth.  It happens every day all the time as a part of the natural design.  Have you ever wondered why rivers never freeze up solid even at very low temps?  Water freezes because of hydrogen bonding.  Fact.  Not a theory.  When water is moving and the molecules are in a turbulent state the bonding of each one to the other is much more limited.  So the dynamic inertia of the water molecules is greater than the cohesive force of water.  Even when water drips down into a bucket at 20 to 25 degrees it leaves long shards of ice around the edge.  But where the water drops fall at the center, the water is still in liquid form.  Heat is actually another form of inertia.  You could say it is the collective inertia of all the water.  When the temperature of ice reaches 32 degrees it will thaw.  No chemicals needed.  Also as the temperature of the water goes up the cohesive force is diminished even more, and the surface tension is hence reduced.  Low TDS water does not necessarily have low surface tension.  Soap will work better with it.  But it will bead up on hydrophobic glass just the same.  Would you like a real simple test for determining the surface tension of water?  Here it is.

Now there is a device called Tech7 that is currently being sold to the WFP window cleaning market which supposedly lowers the surface tension of water.  It also has a filter that removes dissolved solids at the same time.  There aren't any pellets or a membrane.  The Hydronix CB-25-1005 filter from Chino Hills CA is really not that special.  The link for the filter that Tech7 uses is  

Here is a video I pulled up made by Hydronix.

Also here is the Facebook page for Tech7.

I have received a single filter unit with the "activation chamber" just the other day.  My intention is to test it out.  Especially on a hydrophobic window.  To see if it is indeed able to reduce the surface tension of water without any chemicals as is the claim.  I will be writing about the results in the Glass Smart Mirror.  This is my final online subscription newsletter that I just started producing once a month.  It is sent by email and billed by email also.  Using PayPal.  The cost is 15 dollars per issue.  To inquire about the Mirror just send an email to

Written by Henry Grover Jr.

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