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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Advanced Stain Removal

I am currently working on a system for stain removal that will be the most advanced stain removal system to date.  It will NOT be a commercial system for several reasons.  Take for example my Wobble Wheel.  This will likely never be commercialized for the following reasons.  First, since I have made the design public knowledge several years ago it cannot be patented for production and profit.  It also is not something that can be kept a secret since it is not a formula such as a window cleaning soap.  Another feature of this system will be the slow release polishing pads.  Which might be commercialized at a later time.  But only if I keep the "production method" a secret.  Such that the product will be proprietary.  This makes it valuable.  The other features of the system will be possible for anyone to duplicate so they will likely not be commercialized.

Here is the advanced stain removal system.  It is based on a variable speed grinder that does between 0 and 3,000 rpms.  High amps for good torque.  A Wobble Wheel based on a universal joint shaft or a gimbal.  To keep the polishing pad completely flat at all times.  Next a water feed for the polishing or grinding process.  Also the slow release polishing pads that are based on a water activated plastic pad loaded with different superabrasive powders.  Also an rpm counter for reading the speed of the polishing wheel.  This will tell the worker when he hits the cutting rate.  When this speed is matched the wheel will grab just a little.  Which will slow down the pad.  This is the speed you will need to operate at since it will much more efficiently cut through the stain.  Another feature will be a laser surface temperature gauge.  This is very important because it is necessary to keep the glass around 140 degrees of less.  Heat and friction are what drive the cutting/polishing process.  But you will NOT want to allow the glass to become too hot because it will shatter.  Heat alone is all that is necessary to break glass.  It will be necessary to have a continuous readout from the temperature meter and a continuous readout from the rpm counter.  Both of these devices will allow you to control the polishing process so that the stain removal is done most efficiently.

There will be a lot of variables about this system that will make it very practical.  I am currently using a tool shop to retrofit a new grinding machine with the features described here.  As for the slow release pads these will be quite variable.  Some will be capable of use as grinding pads.  Others will be possible to use as grinding pads.  It will be possible to develop some based on diamond.  As some people have had success with diamond based slurries/products such as "Diamond Magic".  Many have also had very good success with cerium oxide and optical grade microcrystalline silica compounds.  The preferred grinding superabrasive is silicon carbide.  This is the basis for the pads from 3M and other companies that the glass restoration professionals have been using around the US.  It is also the essential abrasive used in the Glass Renu pads/products.  At lease according to their patent.  Nonetheless we don't know exactly which silicon carbide they have used.  These pads are proprietary because these ingredients are secret.  If the secret were to get out anyone could duplicate them.  I have been told by Marc Tanner that the SiC chosen is very important.  It must quickly grind through the stain.  But it must also in so doing leave the most smooth white surface.  One that can be very quickly removed/cleared with the highest optical grade cerium oxide.  Which by the way is definitely not cheap.

I am hoping you find this information helpful.  Any of these features are interchangeable.  Also any can be used along with any preexisting system.  More will be written as I continue to develop the system.  I will be developing it over the next month at the latest because I am currently working with a couple of different companies in the capacity of a traveling consultant.

Written by Henry Grover Jr.

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