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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Be a SRC Beta Tester !

I am looking for some assistance in developing a line of Slow Release Coated Pads.  Or SRC Pads.   They can be used with any commercial system out there. My Hard Water, Glass Renu;… anything! No more messy slurries and compounds. Save time, and money. Remove stains, convert glass to hydrophylic, activate glass surfaces to receive hydrophobic sealants, and use for low e coated glass. Below is a picture of a two inch pad. The base is hard felt with a crack and peal adhesive back. The top has been coated with a slow release formula. Which gradually releases the particles slowly as the hard polymer carrier softens and dissolves in pure water.  Not my imagination guys. I have done this. Will be working on videos soon. There will be an entire line of these pads. Email me with any questions.

There is no cost for anything I might send to you for testing.  I just need some people to do testing.  I need to start a product development/sales business for my old age.  But need to keep it very small, highly specialized, and very personal.

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Written by Henry Grover Jr.

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