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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Double or Triple Your Profits as a Window Inspector

Think about it friends; much valuable information do you give away for free when you clean someones windows?  I do it myself all the time.  Most people for example have no clue what "negative deflection" is.  They have no clue that the argon gas in units made by Anderson and other window manufacturers can gradually leak out over the years causing the two plates of the insulating glass unit to become concave.  Further that in time if the glass is scratched and the barometric pressure is just right;...these windows can implode.  It sounds just like a gun.  I had a good friend that experienced this while he was cleaning windows on a residential.  Customers also don't know how easy it is for us to check this condition.  When you do that for each window you clean and write it down, it becomes an inspection service.  Which the customer should rightfully pay for.

Another inspection service would be to determine exactly what the coefficient of friction is for the surface of each window you clean.  As the Glass Committee through the Penn State Materials Lab has proven, the "roughness" of glass surfaces determines how easy they can be scratched.  Either through the natural weathering process of the first surface of monolythic or double plate glass, or restoration through polishing, or the use of acids that invisibly etch, once the surface becomes rough it will scratch with incredible ease.

Then yet another inspection service is to check the integrity of the insulating unit for water vapor or as we call it, "seal failure".  Once the air tight seal loses it's integrity humidity enters.  Usually this is invisible especially when it first begins.  But as time goes on it gradually becomes visible as a foggy appearance shows up between the two plates.  Which becomes worse and worse as time continues to pass.  What most people do not know however is that when the fog first begins to develop it cannot be seen if the window is dirty.  Scratches too by the way are usually invisible if the window is dirty.  The best way to inspect for seal failure is to first clean the window and then apply cold to a small area of the IG Unit.  The fog will form in between for everyone to see.  There is another effect called gassing which occurs straight from the factory.  It shows up as an even haze.  Usually it is easy to see when compared to the window next to it.  But only in the direct sun light and when the windows are perfectly clean.  Fingerprints can be detected between the plates of an IG Unit also.  But are usually dismissed or invisible if the window is dirty.  When marketing your window cleaning/inspection services through real estate agents that distribute your newsletters directly to their buyers, the best thing to do is explain to the buyer that they should never buy a home with dirty windows.  No one should.  Rather they should have the windows of their prospective home professionally cleaned, and professionally inspected at the same time.

These are only a few different inspection services that a window cleaning company can offer.  There are many others.  Further did you know that there is a company that manufactures and sells high tech electronic devices for doing nothing but window inspections?

         gc3200 FP featured     ts1470 fp featured    RD1680 FP featured    C2IR fp featured

If you are interested in getting into this service please email me directly and we can talk about it.  I am just beginning myself and am more than willing to discuss it further.  If you charge ten bux to clean a window, you should also be charging another ten bux to perform a battery of inspections on that same window.  Your prices for inspections should be based on the specific inspection done on each window.  So lets say you charge three bux per IG Unit to test for seal failure and there are fifty windows or units.  That comes to 150 bux.  A professional inspection of all the windows in a home or business could actually cost up to two times the cost of having the windows cleaned.  So your profits could realistically be tripled.  In less time then it takes to clean the windows!

Remember the slogan, "Never Buy a Home With Dirty Windows!".

Written by Henry Grover Jr.
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