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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Solving the Problem of Hydrophobic Glass for WFP Work

As I have explained in previous writings there are three steps to solving the problem of hydrophobic (water hating) glass. The first part involves "deep cleaning" of the window.  In other words removing all hydrocarbon pollution which is hydrophobic.  There are several different ways this can be done.  I am currently researching the most efficient but safe way to do this.  The products and technique used to do this will be made known in the Insider weekly e-letter.  The second step involves treating the surface with some type of a hydrophylic film, crosslinked or not.  The longer that it lasts the better.  We need to seal glass that has been deep cleaned.  Such deep cleaning makes glass very sensitive to scratching.  So it is important to choose a hydrophylic sealant that makes glass that is scratch sensitive, scratch resistant.  This type of sealant also helps to maintain the hydrophylic property of deep cleaned surfaces. This sealant will also help the pure water rinse to sheet over the entire window and drain down from top to bottom leaving no spots.  The third step includes using a super-wetting surfactant/soap that will effectively sheet over the entire surface effectively cleaning it.  Very little of this type of syn-det is necessary.  But we need one that is based on a silicon chemistry.  Not silicone but silicon.  It also should be an anionic.  Super wetting syn-dets will effectively sheet even Rain X coatings.  Which is truly amazing.  And do it at extremely low concentrations.  But remember the final rinse will always be with pure water untainted by any soap.  Which needs to sheet, not bead up.  So the first two steps are critically important.  This would be deep cleaning and sealing.  

Both the products and techniques to accomplish all of this will be given in the Glass Smart Insider over the months.  This is a monthly e-letter which is available by email as a PDF attachment.  The subscription price is ten bux per month.  Or 20% off as a half year subscription.  Sent as a Paypal request by email.

Written by Henry Grover Jr.

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