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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Big News From The Glass Committee

I just received this update from Paul West about three events that will be taking place that will have a direct effect on all window cleaners.  As you might know the IWCA has been directly involved now with NGA/GANA regarding scientific studies.  This lab work has turned out some really fascinating discoveries.  Headway is being made and I think you will find the following as hard evidence of that fact.  Read on.

1) Annual NGA/GANA Conference - January 22-24, 2019. The IWCA has been invited to do a presentation on 01/24 to all the Glass Fabricators at their annual convention. The seminar will be dedicated to the history of IWCA/GANA relations and present future cooperation. The one hour presentation will discuss joint bulletins, industry relations and research - along with paving the way for future cooperative efforts. Dr Paul Duffer will present and both Jeff Klass and President Butch Chapman will attend. 
Here is link:

2) Glass Expo Northeast - Thursday March 28, 2019. Dr Paul Duffer is scheduled to present the “Unique Vulnerabilities of Glass at Construction Sites” seminar for official AIA Continuing Education credit.

3) International Congress on Glass - Boston, MA in June 2019. Professor Seong Kim, lead researcher at PennState, has been invited to do a presentation. It will be called “Glass for Buildings and Transportation.” He has asked to include the results of IWCA funded research and how it impacts glass in buildings, window cleaners, architects, and general contractors.

These three events represent major exposure for the window cleaning industry and the IWCA to thousands of parties interested in glass including but not limited to: glass fabricators, glaziers, tempering companies, equipment companies, architects, designers, and general contractors. A huge step forward in getting our message out to a massive amount of people. Very exciting!

Paul West
Kohala Window Cleaning LLC
808.885.7600 (O)
808.443.3833 (M)

Information presented by Henry Grover Jr.

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