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Sunday, February 10, 2019

The Superior Design of Nanovations NG1010

You can easily see from the illustration above that Nanovations NG1010 is designed to react directly with the surface chemistry of glass.  The chemical reaction this product uses forms what is called a Self Assembled Monolayer. That last word means only one molecule thick.  There are several very obvious advantages to this kind of chemistry and the NG1010.

Here are several videos of Mark Tanner of Skys the Limit Window Cleaning applying and explaining the very obvious benefits of Nanovations NG1010.  Please copy/paste these into your Facebook Groups.  Lets put an end to hard water spotting problems for all time!

This next video is a demonstration of a six month side by side test of Nanovations Product on a car windshield.  Very impressive!

First of all dirt has much less surface area to react with.  The monolayer is designed to form a barrier also by not sticking to the dirt.

Second there is very little product needed to treat the window.  This minimizes the cost per square foot which comes to less than three cents per square foot.

Third less time is needed to apply since the product does not create an obvious film that must be removed to get full clarity.  NG1010 goes on very fast and very clear.  It is one of the most clear hydrophobic products I have yet to test.

Fourth I have had several window cleaners around the country test it to see how well it stands up to hard water spots.  It has shown excellent results.  When applied correctly any new spots wipe off with great ease.

Fifth it does a great job at repelling water.  So it is has exceptional hydrophobic properties.

Sixth it lasts a long time on the glass standing up to UVC radiation from the Sun.  So you don't have to reapply frequently.  You will have to test to see exactly how long it will last for you on your building.

Seventh I have tested it for scratch resistance and it worked very well.  Whenever any window is polished so that water sheets over the entire surface showing no drops at all, it becomes very sensitive to scratching.  But when such a surface is treated with NG1010 that surface becomes scratch resistant.  So much so that I was actually able to drag a sharp glass point across the NG1010 monolayer without any sign of scratch.  This is not to say that it can't be scratched.  But that it will convert a scratch sensitive surface to a scratch resistant one. Which is rather impressive and VERY necessary when a window has been restored by polishing.  Restored windows are also very easy to stain.  Newly formed hard water spots will stick to a newly polished surface.  NG1010 stops this from happening.

The following pictures belong to Nanovations USA.  I am showing them here because they contain information that will be helpful.  Not because I have any agreement with this company for sales.  

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