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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Elevance Clean 1200 and Plexiglass

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Clean 1200 is an excellent solvent.  True it is rather stinky but it is very powerful.  I put it through a very hard test here.  The paint that I used was a very strong paint.  Very thick.  Then I let it cure for a full month.  It was extremely difficult to get off even with a single edge razor.  But after a full hour of dwell time with the Clean 1200 I could scratch it off with my finger nail slowly.  When looking for a great solvent you will want one that has a very slow evaporation rate.  I did this test in 85 degree weather.  This allows you to let it set for a full hour.  Which will only make your job that much easier.  Otherwise even the most powerful solvent won't work at all.  Another thing is you will want a solvent that is miscible in water.  So a soapy water solution will quickly remove all of the residue.  Again the Clean 1200 is rather stinky so I would not use it inside.  But if you are working on a non-routine job and have your waiver signed, just use caution and make sure you clean up very well.

Now what we need to know is that even though the Clean 1200 is safe for glass and likely for tin oxide low e coatings as well; is absolutely NOT safe for plastic glazing.  This would be all three.  Not acrylic as is demonstrated here, nor polycarbonate, and or polyester/mylar.  I think how it crazes acrylic is the most demonstrative.  But the potential damage which can be done to the other two can also be quite bad.  Also non repairable!

Just to explain a little about what I have demonstrated.  When plexi is exposed to even the residue of most solvents and any type of physical stress, then it will craze.  That is crack up.  Such cracks can be long or zillions of very fine cracks depending on conditions.  The physical stress can be as I have shown here.  Or it can be vibrations from sound or just the constant slamming of a plexiglass door.  It can even be tight screws holding a plexi storm window on.  The stress might have been there for literally years.  But when you come along and use your wonder solvent to get some paint off, you could easily end up with cracks all around the edge where the screws were used.

I won't get into the chemistry and the physics of micro-fissures.  But you get the point!  In time I will post more videos on this topic.  So stay tuned to the channel and blog.  My goal is to educate and entertain.

Written by Henry Grover Jr.

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