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Friday, September 6, 2019

Peel Paint can be applied directly to any window without any prior prep.  It goes on smooth and easy.  I have been working with the lab to develop the three primary colors including black and white.  So there will be five different "colors".  At the time of this writing I have red, blue, and yellow.

The coming videos will use local artists to demonstrate how Peel Paint is used.  Once applied it requires about 45 minutes above freezing temps to dry completely.  Otherwise it can be applied inside also.  It is resistant to the effects of water as demonstrated here.  The first showing of how it stands up to soapy water "froze" in the video so I showed this again.  But it is very compelling to watch.  There is absolutely no sign at all of dissolution of the paint in the water.  This is great for us because it allows us to clean the window after the artwork is done.  We can continue with the frequency of our window cleaning without any interference.  It doesn't matter if the paintwork is on the inside or the outside of the windows.

Another fantastic advantage of Peel Paint is as demonstrated here it is very easy to remove.  Just start it with a single edge razor blade then gently peel it right off.  It can then be thrown away dry.  No soapy wet mess.  Or paint flakes all over the place that must be vacuumed up. But as has been discussed in the above post you will want to test it on your window ahead of time.  Also test for the full amount of time that you will be leaving it on.  Simply because it can be very difficult to remove if too much time passes.  Requiring the aggressive use of a razor scraper.  I had this happen to me after leaving it on for only two months.  So again testing is critical.  Yes the video demonstrates how incredible the results can be.  But that paint was only one hour old.  

As the seasons change people always paint their storefront windows.  Which always creates a problem for us.  Now it doesn't have to be that way.  Just show them this video and get them to change their paint.  Another problem is For Sale signs that are painted on.  Usually sales only last for a week.  So Peal Paint might be best for that application.  Again you should always test it first.

Written by Henry Grover Jr.

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