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Monday, February 3, 2020

Transcendence Through the Glass Smart Youtube Channel

You can read all about something and even watch it on a video, but until you actually do it with your own hands you truly do not understand.  The Glass Smart Youtube Channel is beginning to show how to test certain products and chemicals on glass for nonconventional/nonroutine window cleaning.  You can play these for your potential customers.  But until you actually do them yourself you will not fully understand.

For example do you know the difference between a vapor etch and a contact etch?  How do certain acids affect scratches?  How do certain acids affect glass surfaces?  When you see it and feel it you have "transcended" in your understanding.  You will have moved beyond a cursory knowledge.  So that you will be able to recognize the problems with different surfaces that you will be exposed to in your work.  What of negative deflection?  This is a concave curvature of the glass panes of an insulating glass unit that result from outgassing.  But until you actually pass your razor blade across a soapy window that has a negative curvature in one direction and then another you will not completely understand.  Transcendence is the actual doing.  That is what sets you apart from other window cleaners.  It also gives you a great edge over your competition.  Once again this is why I have started the Glass Smart Youtube Channel.  To show you the tests you can do yourself.  And make it easier for you to show these to your customers and potential customers.  Look at this video below.  It is VERY short.  But makes the point very quick that a little experience can save a customer a hundred thousand dollars in potentially wasted windows.

I have actually put the coin in a customers hand and had them do the test themselves.  Then do the same test on a very smooth window.  The response is total amazement.  Believe me they get it.  And have a brand new respect for what I do.  That is transcendence.

My goal is to bring this to my Meets.  Which I will be continuing this year.  I am starting local here in NH.  Hoping to include as many from New England as possible.  My intention is to go worldwide through the Glass Smart Youtube Channel. 


Written by Henry Grover Jr.

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