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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Water Fed Pole Revolution / The Next Issue of the GSI due by Sept 1st

Most people think that finding the best pole, scrubbing brush, or water purification system is going to get them to the next level.  But this is a total lie and couldn't be further from the real truth.  Talk to anyone that works with a WFP and they will tell you how much they hate and despise hydrophobic glass.  Phobic glass is what drives them to focus on the best water purification system.  It drives them to spend thousands on resins and membranes.  Some companies even use names like Zero Pure.  Claiming that they can give you a TDS of zero.  So that if there are any drops left on the glass they will not leave behind spots when they evaporate.  Of course even an extremely low TDS can have a rather high silica content.  Which will leave behind spots.  The condition is called silica spotting.

What is the ultimate answer to WFP window cleaning is the technology of making rinse water sheet off the window.  This is where we are headed.  This is the revolution.  We need to find ways to accomplish this.  Because when we do even a high TDS rinse will sheet off the glass leaving no spots.  It is actually very simple.  No drops, no spots.  I am not being imaginative here because I have done it.  No one can tell me it cannot be done.

We can do this three different ways as I have described in previous writings.  We can first break down the surface tension of water with a super wetting silicon based surfactant chemistry.  Or second we can remove all of the hydrocarbon pollutants from the glass surface revealing its true hyrophylic nature.  Or third we can treat it with a hydrophylic sealant such as an OH terminated silane or siloxane SAM.  These are the three different techniques.  Of these I am personally more in favor the second one.  I find the chemistry for accomplishing this very fascinating.  But any one will work or any combination of these three.

The August September issue of the Glass Smart Insider will be totally focused on this theme.  Here is a rundown of some of the articles.  Revealing the HO Bond.  Changing Water Chemistry.  Using RH to our benefit.  Is Zero Pure Really Needed?  What Is the Real Reason Why Windows Are Phobic or Phylic?  What Is Silica Spotting?  The Three Ways That Phylic Glass Can Be Maintained.  The Phylic Properties of Titanium Dioxide Coatings.  The Hydrophobic Properties of Acrylic and Hydrophobic Surfaces.  And more.

The first two issues of the GSI are free.  They are available right now.  Just send me your email and I will send you a link to each.  Although there is a small cost of 35 dollars for the third and all others.  With the Covid 19 I have had to draw back from my WC route.  I am in the high risk category of heart problems and only one lung.  I am in fact disabled and so really do not have much of a choice but to totally focus on my product research.  At least for right now.  So any support anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.  I am not selling products but am totally focused on both product development and technology.

Henry Grover Jr.