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Monday, December 25, 2023

Introducing Glass Smart Products

 Glass Smart Products is going to focus exclusively on Super Abrasive Powders.

I have had several decades to think about where I want to go with all of the research that I have put into glass Surface Maintenance And Restoration Technology.  Have tried about seven newsletters, consulting work, and even product development.  All of these adventures have worked somewhat.  But none have done well enough to hold my interest long enough to work out.  So I have decided to develop an ultra-niche line of products that will be very easy to create and distribute through our industry even on an international level.  Abrasive powders, compounds, and various other abrasive based products will be very easy to package for resale.  The profit margin will allow for the use of a distributor so I do not have to take on this problem myself.  Which will afford me the time to spend at my research and writing.  That will be published here.  My own custom made YouTube videos will continue to be implanted in these posts.  In this way I can consult directly with our entire industry.  The communications technology we have today is so advanced that I can even work with various companies through phones, tablets, and computers.  So there really is no limits.  As Marc Tanner would say the sky is the limit.  Because really it is.

Henry Grover Jr.

I have another Blog that is focused only on the products I develop.  Not the technology.  That address is


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