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Sunday, October 20, 2019

The 55 Inch Super Soaper Wand

The Super Soaper was created with much help from Wiljer Specialty Cleaning Products who provided this beautiful white sleeve.  It has just the right amount of pile to hold onto just the right amount of water.  They truly do make the very best sleeves for the window cleaning industry.  More importantly however is that the owner is willing to work with us in developing different technologies.  I developed the Super Soaper as an ultra niche product.  Hoping it would get attention.

Wiljer Specialty Cleaning Products
34 Front Street - Box266
Indian Orchard MA 01151
Phone 413-543-5333

The other part of this invention of course is the Super Soaper Siphon.  It fits on the bottom of a two inch PVC pipe.  The water can come in but can't get out.  So it becomes displaced by the wand on the downward motion and wets the sleeve.  The upward motion of the wand draws water up from the bucket into the tube.  With this tube I can easily soap up a 55 inch wand from a one gallon bucket.  I will be doing a video showing how I built my Super Soaper System.  There will be continual updates and improvements.

This invention is NOT practical for just a few large windows.  Definitely NOT for smaller windows.  A "small" 22 inch is much easier to use.  It becomes practical ONLY when doing about twenty or more very large windows.  Such as at a dealership.  Certain commercial jobs have many very large plates that take a great deal of time to wet.  Soren created the Sorbo line of squeegees to deal with these large windows.  For  decades now this design has proven itself.  I see the Super Soaper wand as an addition to the very large squeegee.  It will likely not be picked up by any manufacturer as they will see it as too much of a niche product.  Ultra niche products are usually passed over by large manufacturers.  There simply is not enough money in them

Wiljer would be willing to make sleeves as big as 55 inches.  I am thinking that there are more people out there that would want a 36, 42, or a 48 inch wand.  Any of these sizes are easy to make.  I bought a very small swivel wetter handle from Sorbo and unscrewed the handle which is held on by two screws.  Then I took a long metal handle from a broom.  Removed the broom and plastic ends.  Then screwed on the Sorbo swivel handle.  I did have to drill a couple holes in the handle with a drillpress.  That was the most difficult part.  Once done I just slipped on the sleeve and snapped it secure.

Improvements will be shortening the wetting time to five seconds, and learning what the percentage of time reduction is over a 22 inch wand on the same large window.  I need to demonstrate this improvement in a video.  As we all know time is king.  Commercial window cleaning is all about time.  Which is why I am very surprised there are not more videos out there demonstrating the super channel squeegees.  Instead we see many very small squeegees with wetting pads that flip over.  These are great for small or average size windows.  But when you have fifty windows that are twelve feet high and six feet wide give me a super channel any day of the week.  That is all I have to say right now!

Written By Henry Grover Jr.

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