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Monday, December 2, 2019

Smart Products for Coated Glass

The coatings industry is driving the glass industry.  This includes soft and hard low e coats, low maintenance glass, first surface reflective coatings, AR coated solar glass, and other high tech products.  This technology will continue.  Window cleaners have to deal with such surfaces.  What is of concern to us is the ignorance of the subcontractors that work around these windows.  When these windows are covered by paint, wood stain, concrete, hard water spots, silane and siloxane sealant rundown, and other contaminants they are according to GANA and the IWCA;... wasted.  The very first thing that you absolutely must do when you are introduced to such a building is make absolutely certain that the general contractor, maintenance company, and owner are aware of this fact.  Then if they want you to attempt to remove any of these contaminants, make sure you have a waiver in place signed and dated.

I don't believe any manufacturer has developed products for these surfaces.  No sealants, no restoration products.  It is just too niche.  Also many window cleaners have used acids, alkalies, and crude abrasives that have done damage that could not be corrected.  The windows have needed to be replaced.  This usually ends up in very large lawsuits.  One of the worst acids is hydrofluoric.  The only products that can be used for these surfaces are usually custom.  The best thing that a window cleaning company can do when they encounter a building with damaged coated glass is just walk away.

This blog is all about products.  Ones that others have developed.  And certain custom products.  I test out the commercial products and demonstrate such on the Glass Smart Product Development Youtube Channel.  Also I demonstrate the custom products that I have developed myself on my YT Channel.  My consulting work involves a blend of these two types of products along with an understanding of how to identify coated surfaces, defective glass surfaces, and more.  

Much of this however must happen on the job.  So when I can I like to travel to the job site so I can do my own testing and carry all of the custom and commercial products with me.  Although there are times because of distance that I must rely on the phone, pictures, videos and sending out different products, or having the window cleaners I work with order samples of different products direct from the manufacturers.  Which samples are usually free.

If you have any situations going on right now or planned, don't hesitate to send me an email so we can talk about it.

Henry Grover Jr.

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