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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Next Gen Window Cleaning

We all know that the days of the bucket, mop, and pole are gone.  Even when we are doing trad work we cannot avoid problem surfaces!  Bad glass, frictive glass, coated (reflective, low e, antireflective) glass, solar (mylar) film, acrylic, polycarbonate, and the list goes on.  When any of these different surfaces become contaminated with paint, wood stain, urethane, silicone caulk, concrete, stucco, concrete sealer, hard water spots, etc.; we enter into what has been called non-routine window cleaning.  This can present whether or not we are engaged in trad work, WFP work, or specialized restoration or preservation work.  There really is no limits on how risky our line of work has now become.  Coupled with the fact that we have a host of different manufacturers of products that will etch, scratch, and otherwise do irreversible damage to these different surfaces.

In the old days glass was glass and nothing more.  But not any more.  We now have an entirely new business.  Next gen window cleaning.

Written by Henry Grover Jr.

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