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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Glass Smart Consulting


I have been actively working in consulting for at least 25 years.  I have traveled to NYC and consulted on buildings such as the World Trade Center, the Grande Hyatt, and the Met Art building.  The last two of these buildings are shown on my website under the Gallery.  I have consulted on several other famous builings and many others not so famous over the years.  I have traveled to different parts of the States and Canada to consult with many different window cleaning companies, real estate professionals, property maintenance companies, lawyers, and insurance agencies.  Some very enjoyable times were a couple of seminars I gave for the International Window Cleaning Association, writing tech articles for the American Window Cleaner, and being involved in the process of product development with Unger Enterprises.  During which time I got to know Henry Unger and his family.  Now that I have reached my sixties it is time to focus more on my consulting business and do some more traveling around New England.  Although Internet Technology or IT has developed to the point where I should be able to consult around the world.  I am really looking forward to this.

Not to be ignored is the phase of this consulting business which is focused on product development.  These are products that very few window cleaning companies have or even know about.  They are simply NOT commercially available from our distributors!  But they are incredibly effective.  Check out this video I made to prove my point.  When the glass that is being worked on has a very thick coat of paint and is scratch sensitive.  Also the paint is so tough even a sharp razor has a difficult time removing it.  What do you do?

Please take a look at my website and send me an email to tell me what you think.

Written by Henry Grover Jr.


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